Congratulations, America!  Finally — real change has come to Washington!

Since Protect America Today was founded in 2012, our nation has faced crisis after crisis, suffering through the worst national leadership since President Jimmy Carter was in the White House. Democrats in both the White House and Congress weakened America through a foreign policy based on appeasement of dictators and willful denial of the toxic ideology that fuels the world’s most dangerous terror groups.  Meanwhile, defense cuts of roughly $1 trillion over a decade are hollowing out the military like during the 1970’s.

Leaders like President Barack Obama, Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have failed to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program and downplayed the rising tide of Radical Islam-inspired terror networks.  They endangered the nation by miserably failing to secure our borders while increasing the numbers of refugees admitted from war torn regions where anti-American sentiment already runs high.  Meanwhile, China’s power continues to grow each day, while its sidekick North Korea continues to menace the Pacific Rim and beyond with its own nuclear weapons program.

Protect America Today supports candidates who will promote smart foreign policy decisions in America’s interests while preserving our military superiority.