It’s time for real change in Washington. Urgently. Our nation is facing crisis after crisis, suffering through the worst national leadership since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.  Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have weakened America through a foreign policy based on appeasement of dictators and terror groups.  Meanwhile, $1 trillion in defense cuts over this decade are hollowing out the military like during the 1970’s.

These leaders have been powerless to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and the power vacuum left by the withdrawal from Iraq has allowed the Islamic State to establish a de facto country encompassing much of Syria and Iraq. China’s power continues to grow with each day. The president and his top leaders have thrown our allies under the bus throughout the Arab Spring, ushering in Islamist governments who oppose America, and Israel, at every turn.

Protect America Today supports candidates who will restore our economic future, promote smart foreign policy decisions, and preserve our military superiority.

Send Washington a message today – time’s up for those who haven’t got the job done!